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Over the past few years, Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc. has delivered training for thousands of companies and tens of thousands of individuals. HOTT consistently exceeds the expectations of students by offering true competency-based programs, guaranteeing quality, and lowering costs all at the same time. Below are examples of the kind of student feedback we receive regularly at HOTT. Additional testimonials can also be viewed on individual course descriptions.

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Instructor Testimonials

I really enjoyed the course. The instructor did a great job at answering my questions and applying the material to real world situations. If future training is needed I will definitely contact HOTT.
– L.K., McLennan Community College

The instructor is clearly highly experienced in the subject, with an expert in-depth knowledge which allows him to explain complicated issues very clearly."
– M.S., QA, Ltd.

Very good instructor! Very knowledgeable in Perl and CGI. It was very refreshing having an instructor who knew more than what was just in the book. Thank you!
– W.C., SAIC

This training far exceeded my expectations. The instructor has been a wonderful and very knowledgeable trainer. All of the concepts were clearly explained using real world examples. Questions were answered quickly and concisely. I will definitely be signing up for additional classes and referring friends to use HOTT training. Thank you!
– H.S., LLP

Hands-On Labs Testimonials

I thought the training was well organized and structured with lots of labs/activities. The labs really helped explain the logic from the lectures. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and wouldn't hesitate to attend more.

I really liked the format of the class – the labs gave me a chance to apply what was being discussed in class as well as giving me a chance to work with the tool. The instructor brought a lot of industry experience to the table and was able to further clarify various examples with real experiences which I found to be invaluable.
– K.R., Trican Well Service

The small classroom environment made me feel comfortable enough to ask lots of questions. The labs and examples were clear and good hands on experience. I like the fact that I got to save my lab work and take it home with me."
– A.L., Exxon Mobile

This was an excellent class and a great learning experience. The labs were a great way to get 'hands on' experience with the course material. The instructor was very knowledgeable and very helpful in explaining the course material.
– S.W., Yum Brands

Course Materials Testimonials

Material was well prepared, concepts were well taught throughout the course and enforced with in-depth discussion and lab. One of the better taught technical classes taken.
– A.M, New Mexico Department of Labor

This is my second HOTT class. The instructors, materials, and experience are excellent. Best training I’ve had in both cases. Highly recommend this company.
– B.G., Vulcan Materials Company

This was a great class. The materials will be a tremendous resource. The instructor was extremely well informed and conveyed the information in a clear manner.
– B.L., General Dynamics

I am very pleased. The student guides were excellent and the instructors are thoroughly versed in the material. I will highly recommend HOTT.
– M.M., Aerospace Testing Alliance

Customer Service Testimonials

This was a great workshop. HOTT was very accommodating with my travel necessities. Very impressive. I am sincerely looking forward to my next workshop (PHP) in a couple of weeks.
– K.M., Medtexx Medical Corporation

Course instructor and HOTT customer service far exceeded my expectations. We will definitely look at using HOTT for future training.
– J.R., Safeco

The instructor has been a great teacher and I would recommend him to everyone I know. HOTT’s organization has been top notch from the training to my flights and hotel.
– R.L., IT Associates

Out of all the places I called, HOTT was the friendliest and the MOST helpful. Everyone I talked to or dealt with added to my pleasant experiences, helped walk me through the process, answered my questions and were very accommodating. Instructor was great – very knowledgeable.
– N.V., MedImpact Healthcare Systems

Remote Attendance Testimonials

This is my second course I have taken with HOTT! Out of all the training companies I have had, HOTT has provided the best classes and the most knowledgeable instructors.
– N.B., Honda Transmission Manufacturing of America, Inc.

The remote attendance exceeded my expectations – class was very interactive. I think HOTT has done a great job supplying easy remote access.
– E.T., Everyday Health Inc.

I did appreciate the remote aspect of the class. I enjoyed pairing up with another student to do lab-work, and I liked how we could exit from the training and rejoin once we were done (pretty impressive!). It was helpful that the instructor could log into our session as well, and could provide guidance during lab exercises. I also appreciated that we can control the camera zoom if needed. My partner and I did not feel left out at all by attending remotely, and I don't feel we were any worse for not being physically there in the classroom.
– K.B., Lonza Biologics Inc.

I greatly enjoyed this course! This was the best training course I've taken for the past few years. Awesome and considerate instructor. He has done an excellent job on teaching the course. He created a very positive nice classroom atmosphere. He provided complete answers to all my questions.

I liked and it was beneficial for me that this course was connected to the actual classroom. I was a remote student, but it felt like I was in the classroom and this helped me to be connected and more efficient. I appreciate that actual hardcopy study materials (books, labs...) were sent to me! I will definitely recommend your company to others who are interested in taking professional courses. Thanks a lot HOTT for the great job!
– A.V., ERIN Engineering and Research, Inc.

This was a great experience. I always did classroom settings in college as I felt I preferred the face to face interaction with my instructors over the on-line modules, but HOTT's remote attendance offers the flexibility of on-line without giving up the ability to have a more face-to-face learning experience and ability to ask questions. I would recommend this to anyone that may not be able to travel for classes due to work or personal schedules.
– B.H., Mansfield Plumbing Products, LLC

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